Monday, 31 December 2018

Winding Down 2018

As 2018 entered the last few months, I made plans for Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays.
For Thanksgiving, I decided to drive to the California Redwoods and visit Crescent City. I've been there before on motorcycle and in my Tacoma, but for this trip it was just going to be Wednesday through the weekend. Unfortunately a few caveats changed my trip plans slightly.
  1. It rained like hell from the start. I'm used to the rain since I live in Seattle, but this shit was torrential and made driving difficult. 
  2. I lost my eyeglasses a few weeks before, and this made driving even more difficult.
Along the way to Crescent City I saw a sign for Onion Peak fire lookout, and decided to go have a look. It was 15 miles from the highway; most of it off road but on well maintained forest service roads. After spending an hour searching for it, I managed to figure it out and drove up a sketchy and off limits access road by pushing open an access gate.

Some interesting history about the Onion Peak Lookout - In the early part of the 20th Century, the Forest Service established the lookout, and officially constructed it in 1923. In 1952 it was rebuilt as the current structure, and then in 2014 required several air tanker drops to save it from a nearby wildfire. You can tell in the photos that a burn in the area occurred; however despite its history, too many people have vandalized it and it is now condemned. Such a shame, but more can be read about it here.

I ended up making it to Crescent City late on Thanksgiving night and checked into a hotel. I had planned on staying through the weekend but because the weather was so bad, I cut my trip short and decided to head back to Seattle on Saturday morning. I was pissed cause the sun never came out and I couldn't get any starlight photography or golden hour shots of the Redwoods. I took some photos though of the nearby state park and headed home.

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