Sunday, 4 November 2018

Something different

I havent posted in a very long time since I've been busy with my new job I started last June. But recently I had been thinking of doing a product review for a new backpack I bought, and also a dish I've been working on for food so I thought I'd start with the latter.

I eat a lot, and probably because I'm so active. I eat healthy as I can; and this idea came to me after I used to visit a Seattle based Pho restaurant that served a similar dish - Pho Bac. I'm friends with and surf with this cat named Jay from the Philippines; he cooks rad food like this all the time at the coast and at home. For this dish, here are the ingredients:

1/2 pound true cod (substitute salmon or other desired meat)
1 handful/bunch of baby arugula 
1 Roma tomato 
1 sweet potato (substitute 1/2 cup of sticky rice if desired)
1 or 2 hard boiled eggs

I usually start with whatever takes longest; usually the sweet potato. I usually bake in the oven at 450-500 and remove it from the heat to cool once I begin to smell the "sweet" aroma. 
    • I really like doing sticky rice though cause its easy to make enough for the next day with just one cup of rice and two cups of water. 
  • To cook the fish, I bake it in the oven but occasionally I steam the fish in my rice cooker. Use care when baking the cod, its easy to overcook it and make it tough. For this recipe I cooked it at 400° for about 15 minutes, I don't remember exactly how long though

  • If you are like me and you want more than one source of protein, start the eggs at this time; I put them in a small pot and begin the timer the moment I put it on the stove. I'm really particular about boiling eggs; I don't like them overcooked or boiled "hard", but not runny like soft boiled eggs either. Kinda in the middle; and 11 minutes seems to do well.
    • After the timer runs out, take the eggs off the heat and drain the water. Let sit for about 15 seconds and then fill the pot with cool water; let them "chill" for about ten mins
  • Once the sweet potato has cooled sufficiently, slice it and add it to the bowl
  • Take one handful of baby arugula or baby kale and put it in a large serving bowl with the sweet potato
  • Slice the tomato however you want and arrange it in the bowl with the arugula
  • I usually add olive oil and balsamic vinegar at this point, maybe with a little salt and pepper but nothing else. I don't usually spice the shit out of my food cause you are tasting all the spices at this point and not the food, yo. I found some red palm oil on clearance at the store so I decided this would work, and it did. I don't usually go for exotic stuff like this though; palm oil is bad for the environment because of all of the deforestation required to plant palm groves. Hypocritical of me I know.
  • Add the fish and the eggs now. I slice the eggs in halves and serve with everything else. I ate one half though while doing prep, so do the math.

What I enjoy most about this is it is simple to make and has so many food groups in one bowl. Grain, leafy greens, and protein. I've experimented with salmon, chicken, and red meat; although I don't eat read meat very often anymore. The sweet potato or rice both take on and compliment the other tastes from the dish, such as the balsamic vinegar and tomatoes. Tofu works great as a substitute for any pf the meat and because this dish can be prepared so many variations, you can eat something like this frequently and not get tired of it. 

You know what else is badass? Its easy to prepare and cook while at the coast. When I go surfing, I want something simple to prepare but just as satisfying as something I would eat at home. Cheers.

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