Friday, 18 May 2018

Tacoma Intake Problems Solved!

I make it sound like all of the problems I had with the aftermarket air intake were fixed, right? Well, yeah actually. For the last month I've had a CEL/MIL warning, also known as a "check engine" light illuminated because my Tacoma has been running "lean" due to intake I had installed. Fuel economy went to 8mpg, terrible performance, and I would have failed emissions if I had been required to pass for renewing my registration. Fuck, I had enough of this nonsense.

I bought a Toyota stock intake hose online for like $36 and an air filter box for $56, and a resonator and air filter from the stealership for $188 (tax included). Man, the stealer is such a waste of money, the resonator is just a plastic piece that dampens sound, but I had to do this.

What took a week or two of research and trial & error to install an auxiliary battery under the hood with extra wiring and a solid state isolator, only took 30 minutes to remove, and another 30 minutes to install the stock intake.

This was my engine about two weeks ago
Below is a screenshot of the engine monitoring app I used on my phone with a Bluetooth OBDII scan tool. The fuel trims are short term (left), and long term (right). Short term indicates what the ECU  or computer was doing at that second, in real time. Long term is averaged data that is stored in the computer. Long term is what counts; basically, because of the aftermarket air intake I had installed, my engine's computer was compensating for what it detected as too much air and not enough fuel, by adding 37.5% more fuel to the cylinders. 

First Gen Tacomas get shitty gas mileage as it is; 16 city/22 highway (stock) estimated. When you have a First Gen Tacoma with a lift, canopy, off road tires, and other gear in it, you get less fuel economy. 200 miles to a tank, my wallet was taking a beating. I got rid of the aftermarket intake and  installed the factory one back.

It looks cleaner and simpler now, but the spare battery is gone

+4% long term, this is great news
I'll find a way to add the spare battery back, probably in the bed again. I had it there before but didn't like it where it was, but it makes better sense really. 

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