Monday, 16 October 2017

Took a step back

About a week ago my truck started making a squealing sound when I started it up; nothing horrible but it was annoying. I knew it was a belt, and also that it was the alternator drive belt. Early last week I pulled the belt off and inspected the alternator pulley; it had a wobble to it. Fuck. I decided to buy a new tensioner bolt and reinstall the belt and new tensioner. That made it twice as loud.

I've had enough of this. I bought an OEM alternator from a local auto parts store and spent most of Friday night replacing the GM one I had installed. After I finished, I started the engine up but it squealed very loud and the battery light remained on. The accessory outlet voltage gauge I had installed measured 14.5v so I knew it was working though. I took it on a test ride and none of that changed.

Saturday I got up, tightened the belt some more and it stopped slipping and squealing. I replaced the Alt-S fuse and the battery light went off. What a waste of time and money, that was most of my weekend along with trying to repaint my bathroom. Ready for next weekend already.

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