Thursday, 20 July 2017

Summer Update

Since February I'd been working at Davita Healthcare in Federal Way near Seattle. Just another tech job but I was bored out of my damn mind sitting in a cube all day. I had to commute 25 miles each way to work and home and I didn't even have the desire to ride my motorcycle to work. In June, Weyerhaeuser came back and offered me a job. I had interviewed with them in December but they gave the position to another guy I used to work with, which is good cause he's a single dad and was out of work. I accepted and so far, Weyerhaeuser is pretty cool. I've been here 4 days now, the office is modern and "green" architecturally influenced and I work with a guy I used to work with.

I turn 41 next Friday and as usual I realize there's a ton of shit I haven't done that I want to do; bucket list items. I've been consumed working on projects related to my truck or motorcycle lately, which means not enough time at the coast surfing or doing other activities in Washington during the summer. Last week my buddy Biebs and I met for lunch; he's the dude I've gone to Nicaragua and Costa Rica with. We talked about going hiking this coming weekend cause the surf was going to suck so I started checking a few places to go hiking when I got back from lunch.While looking, another recurring desire to see Death Valley popped up in my mind again.

Looked at the forecast for this weekend in Death Valley, its about 120° F and sunny. Looked at airline tickets and saw I could get one for $365. Decided to go and bought a round trip ticket and a rental car with less than 24 hour notice. Didn't have a place to stay Friday or Saturday nights, but I would cross that bridge when I got there.

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