Monday, 27 March 2017

No Rest For The Weary

Alright, I've been busy lately with this new job I took at the beginning of February and finishing up the version 2 rebuild of that golf cart I mentioned in the second entry of this blog. On Saturday last weekend, I spent part of the day and most of the night working on finishing the new wire loom of the cart up and a few other miscellaneous items. By late Saturday night, I had finished up almost everything and only had left to lay down some new utility carpet for the floor area, wire the new tachometer, horn, and install some higher amperage fuses. I'll save the detailed explanation for a new blog I'll create for this project.

Sunday morning I drove to Bellingham and rented a 5x9 utility trailer from U-Haul to tow my motorcycle back to Seattle on. My parents are retired and spend their winters in Arizona, so I had brought the bike to their house last winter and left it in their garage for the winter. I was originally supposed to take Amtrak and ride the bike back, but its rained so much this winter that more mudslides hit the tracks north of Seattle and Amtrak suspended the service. Thats good actually cause it rained all day Sunday and was gusty, so I would have been soaked by the time I got back to Seattle.

I stopped at my parents' house to get my bike and it started right up like it had just been running 5 minutes ago. My mom texted me and started nagging me to go say hello to her neighbor Ramona next door. I guess Ramona saw me at my parents with a trailer and was nervous I was going to steal something, since she didn't recognize me. My mom told her I was her son and was getting my bike and taking back to Seattle. This went on until I finally relented and went next door and said hello.

Found my ratchet straps and secured the bike to the trailer and headed back to Seattle. Once I got back, I dropped my bike off at my house and headed north again to Shoreline to drop off the trailer.

Once I got home again, I finished wiring the gauges, replaced some fuses with higher amperage ones, and a few minor details and called it a night. 

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